Amyl & The Sniffers: “I know Glastonbury is where Bridget Jones got knocked up…”

Glastonbury is about peace and love and hippies. Amy & The Sniffers are about spitting, pubs and saying “I don’t give a fuck” a lot.

Yet today, these two worlds collided when the Melbourne-based punk rockers stormed onto the site to make their Glastonbury debut, having released their debut Rough Trade album this year. Check out our review of the performance here.

Being from the other side of the world, Glastonbury doesn’t have exactly the same cultural resonance, but something about it has registered with the band. “I know Glastonbury is where Bridget Jones got knocked up,” says frontwoman Amy Taylor. “So I told the boys, wear condoms.”


As for that culture clash, the residents of hippie enclave The Green Fields needn’t worry too much. “Punks are just hippies who like fighting,” Amy decides. In fact, they both have similar attitudes to clothes: “My way of dealing with the heat is to just get naked,” she says.

Watch the full chat with Amy and Declan of Amyl & The Sniffers above.

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