Bastille on making their Pyramid Stage debut: “It’s a dream come true but also mildly terrifying”

The band brought their new album 'Doom Days' to the most iconic stage at Glastonbury 2019

Even though Bastille have consistently been one of the biggest bands in Britain for the last few years, their Glastonbury outings have never seen them play on the Pyramid Stage. “It’s fucking nuts that we’ve been allowed to do that,” says frontman Dan Smith when the band catch up with NME backstage in the hours before they’re due to perform.

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“It’s a dream come true but also mildly terrifying,” agrees drummer Woody. “It’s very much at the top of the bucket list.”

It’s been three years since the band last played at Glastonbury. Their last adventure into Worthy Farm saw them bewitching the Other Stage on the day the results of the EU referendum was announced. A bomb threat at Rock Am Ring in 2017 made the band question whether they should be reflecting the world around us in their live shows or offering people a route of escapism instead, but Smith says playing on that day in 2016 also had an effect on them.

“Glastonbury is one of my fave places in the world and it was so strange being here on that day,” he says. “It was odd and confusing, but also amazing – where else would you want to be to receive that weird, shit, bad news than in the fields of Glastonbury? But since then, times have definitely gotten weirder.”

Their new album ‘Doom Days’ sees the band going down the route of shutting off for at least a night. “We wanted to look at the tensions between feeling the need to be involved, say what you think and have a voice and engage with stuff, and also live your life and have fun and not think about those things all the time,” he explains. “This album is about trying to pursue escapism for a night and being dragged back the other way.” A brilliant representation of Glastonbury, then.