Can you spot yourself in our gallery of lovely Glastonbury 2019 punters?

Open up your eaaaaaaager eyes

After a blissful five days, the tents have been packed up, the tins finished and the annual pilgrimage to Glastonbury is over for another year. And, sadly, now it’s time to drag ourselves into the office whilst dealing with a week-long hangover (and hope your boss doesn’t notice you watching all the sets you missed back whilst pretending to “work”), with the inevitable post-festival blues kicking in.

But if you want to prolong that festi-feeling, have a look through our gallery of all you lovely lot enjoying the best festival in the world. Whether you were in the pit during Foals secret set, chilling out on Glastonbury-on-Sea or watching the sunrise over at the Stone Circle, our roving photographers were there snapping away.

So have a look and reminisce. You never know, you might spot yourself!