‘Am I cool yet?’: Katy Perry performs Chained To The Rhythm at Glastonbury

She performed Chained To The Rhythm as her second song.

Katy Perry has begun her set at Glastonbury by asking the crowd if her Worthy Farm performance meant that she was ‘cool’.

The singer performed recent single ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ as her second song before addressing the huge crowd gathered for the teatime set.

“This makes me feel cool”, she said.


“I don’t ever really feel cool. Am I cool yet? What is cool? Who cares, there’s so many people here, I didn’t know if you even liked me.”

She then looked out at the huge crowd gathered – and gave a shoutout to a security guard standing in the crowd.

“I can see all of you, even that security guard way back in the neon – the green neon”, she said.

“I can see all of you in the back, I see you, thank you for seeing me. ”

Her Pyramid Stage slot came ahead of a headline slot by Foo Fighters tonight – with The National taking the second slot.


Speaking up their headline slot, Dave Grohl vowed to flout rules about swearing during the performance.

He said: “You aren’t allowed to fucking swear at the show? Good luck. Oh god, they are in for a big surprise with that one. Shit I didn’t realise that. We swear the whole fucking time. I basically say fucking in every sentence. I think I have anxiety-driven Tourette’s.”