No Glastonbury in 2018? Here’s what you can do instead

Don't take a rest like Glasto – here's six brilliant things to do next summer

Most Glastonbury-goers currently trudging their bags through smelly service stations won’t be thinking about 2018. Nothing matters right now except a nice warm bath. But once the hangovers subside and Glasto-fever returns, everyone’s going to sorely miss losing their minds on Worthy Farm next year. The festival’s taking a break, unless Michael Eavis’ favourite band can magically reform.

With Glasto almost definitely having a year off, here’s what else you occupy yourself with next June:

Fly to another gigantic festival in Denmark

Roskilde Festival


If you’ll miss traipsing through giant fields and upping your step count, try Roskilde in Denmark, Northern Europe’s largest festival. There’s the added motivation that their line-up is always massive. This year’s Roskilde started last weekend (running until July 1), and features sets from Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, Blink-182, Solange and The Weeknd. It’s also a week long, which means you can well and truly escape into a parallel universe, just like at Glasto.

Or head to Isle of Wight Festival

Isle of Wight Festival

With Glasto taking a step back from nabbing all the big names, Isle of Wight is likely to host giants. The festival celebrates its 50th anniversary next year, and it falls slightly later than usual, on June 21-24. David Guetta, Arcade Fire and Rod Stewart headlined in 2017. If any Glasto-worthy acts are touring next year, this will be their first stop.

Recreate Glastonbury at home

Wayne Coyne, Glastonbury 2017

If other music festivals simply won’t do, it’s time to use your own resources. Creating Glastonbury back home is simple – pitch a tent in the biggest garden you can find, play your favourite bands through a portable speaker, and don’t shower for five days. Added points if you hire a trapeze artist to perform in your living room, carry a case of beers up and down the street until you collapse, sleep in a bush, or climb on your mate’s shoulders while singing ‘Wonderwall’.

Do adventure sports and yoga by day, party at night

Camp Wildfire


If your favourite part of Glastonbury is all its diverse, non-music wonders, there’s only one place to relive those highs. Camp Wildfire takes place in the Kent countryside on June 16-18 next year. It’s an 18+ festival, where punters can go zorbing, learn to screenprint, meditate, weave, try beekeeping, or get zen in a wood-fired hot tub. Oh, and there’s some live music.

Go football crazy at the next World Cup

Ah, World Cup Fever. That brief spell of optimism, where our brave English lions train in the most luxury facilities possible, score goals for fun in friendly games, and generally look like they’re roaring towards triumph. Gareth Southgate will talk about the “great mood in the camp.” And then in 90 cripplingly embarrassing minutes, those lions will be destroyed by Costa Rica in a 3-1 drubbing. Russia hosts next year’s World Cup from June 14. We’ll probably know England’s fate by June 20. But however grim it feels to see hopes and dreams splatter, there’s nothing quite like backing Our Brave Boys while getting sunburnt in the pub, only to see Raheem Sterling miss a crucial sitter from five yards out.

Pretend you’re seeing all the greats at The Big Fake Festival

Oasish, Oasis tribute

So there’s nothing quite like seeing Barry Gibb with 100,000 people on Worthy Farm. Your next best option is Nottinghamshire’s The Big Fake Festival, the country’s biggest collection of tribute bands. Missing Dave Grohl’s lovely face? Just go and see the Fu Fighters! Are Oasis refusing to get back together? Check out Oasish instead! This year’s event takes place September 1-3, but presumably the line-up will stay fairly similar. Get your da’ a ticket and go see all the greats.