Glastonbury litter pickers reveal the weirdest things they’ve found on site

If you go down to the farm today, you're in for a stinky surprise

Litter pickers at Glastonbury have revealed the weirdest things they’ve found while clearing up after festivalgoers.

Speaking to Somerset Live, some of the 2,500 litter pickers charged with removing every trace of the festival from Worthy Farm have shared their findings, and some are pretty horrible.

Andy Wilcott, the head of waste recycling at Glastonbury and a number of other festivals, has seen some pretty horrifying things in his years tidying up after the revellers.


“A poo in a bra, hanging in a tree,” he said simply when asked of his worst ever find. “We just wondered ‘how the hell has that happened?’

“We found a cannon ball once, and we’ve found mannequins,” he expanded of his significant finds. “The lost property system is incredible. They try for months to return items. Phones can normally be returned.”

This year’s Glastonbury was the first festival to ban single-use plastic, reportedly saving 1 million plastic bottles from being used.

After the festival, organiser Emily Eavis revealed the statistic that 99.3% of tents had been taken home from the festival, dubbing the effort “absolutely incredible”.

Andy Wilcott also revealed that the number of nitrous oxide (NOS) canisters left on site this year also decreased.


“There’s been a decrease in NOS cans this year,” he confirmed. “It is a trend downwards. We noticed it at other festivals last year when there wasn’t a Glastonbury and I’d say it is lower here than at other festivals.”