Glastonbury packing list: what to take to the festival

You know, we know you have a brain, but here you go: your essential Glastonbury 2019 packing list

Wondering what to take to the greatest festival on earth? We’ve got you covered:

Before you go

Glastonbury app. Download it – it’s very handy.

For entry

Your ticket. It will let you in. Keep hold of the part of the ticket they return to you at the gate – you’ll need it to get in and out.


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For camping

A tent: this is a sort of house made of a waterproof material which folds up in a little tiny bag. Magic, really. You will live in it for five days. Check you’ve got all the bits before you go.

A sleeping bag

A pillow (if you’re fancy). You can get camping pillows that squish up pretty small.

A roll mat/inflatable bed (if you’re fancier).

Toilet roll. Many toilets have it, many don’t. Don’t get caught out.


A reusable water bottle. There is no single-use plastic on site this year, so your water bottle will be your constant companion. (That and the festival weirdo you pick up on the Wednesday night and struggle to lose for the next four days).

A towel. Take the advice of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Whether you intend on showering or not, a towel is useful. Roll it up: pillow! Get drenched in the rain: towel!

A sleep mask. There is nothing brighter or hotter than a tent with the sun beating down on it. A sleep mask might help you get a few extra Zs.

Flip flops. For in the shower, and for middle-of-the-night toilet trips.

Bin bags. So useful. If your tent breaches and leaks, stick your stuff in a bin bag. On a muddy day, take one out with you to sit on for some sweet feet relief.

Hand sanitiser. 

Face wipes.

A mirror. Cos you might see how much like Stig Of The Dump you’re looking/change your contact lenses.

A portable charger.

A torch. Saves rinsing your phone battery.

A lighter.

For your bod

Condoms. Well, you never know.

Wet wipes

Medicine. You know what you need, but always worth taking some anti-histamines (in case you find you’re allergic to the Pilton pollen) and pain killers (for the hangovers).

Clothes. You can take new clothes, but they’ll get dirty. Also: think layers, things with zips, items that are easy to remove, light items that fold up small.

A coat. Yes, it’s summer, but it can get cold at night out there.

This is all we’re going to say about clothes because you are an adult and you can decide what clothes to wear.

BOOZE! You can take as much as you can carry – but no glass is allowed on site. You will regret taking as much as you have on the schlep to the campsite, but when your tent is up and you’re kicking back with a warm cider you’ll be in heaven.

SNACKS! Glasto is a gourmet paradise, but food can be pricey and you can take in as much as you like. Avoid anything that melts, perishes quickly or turns sour in the sun.

For the sun

Sun cream. It is available on site, but it’s best to have your own supply.

A hat. Express yourself!

Sunglasses. Because you don’t wanna be squinting at the stage.

A thin cover-all. Cos sunburned shoulders and necks aren’t fun.

For the rain

More socks than seems reasonable. Socks are your best friend. Take way more socks than you think you need because wet feet suck and the feeling of slipping a dry pair on is the sweetest relief.

Wellies. The weather at Glastonbury is looking ok but even a shower of rain = lots of mud. Be prepared.

Sacrificial trainers. You know, the old ones that you don’t mind getting very, very dirty

A waterproof that is actually waterproof. Not showerproof. Waterproof. Your dry self will thank you.

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For general Glasto-ing

Money. There are cashpoints on site and a lot of stalls will take card but best to take some money with you in case it’s 3am and you NEED a pizza but cannot be arsed trying to find an ATM.

An A1 attitude. Glastonbury is not a place for dicks, you have been warned.

Wondering where to camp at Glastonbury? Use our interactive map to help you decide.

And remember: almost anything you might need is available on site, albeit sometimes at a premium price. It’s always best to travel light and be free.