Japanese Breakfast unable to make Glastonbury set over “travel delays”

"I’ve always wanted to play Glastonbury and we did everything we could to be there"

Japanese Breakfast will not be playing Glastonbury Festival 2023 after all.

Today (June 25), the singer took to social media to announce that she will not be able to perform at the festival over “travel delays”. “We hustled out of Luxembourg at 9 pm, woke for customs at 3 am, and again for a 6 am ferry, hired an additional driver to floor it to our 12:30 set and due to various travel delays out of our control we are just not able to make it in time. We are devastated,” she wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner added: “I’ve always wanted to play Glastonbury and we did everything we could to be there. Hopefully we will be back for another year.”


Japanese Breakfast was set to perform at The Other Stage today from 12:30pm until 1:15pm. The stage’s opening act, The Joy, have also cancelled their performance, which was scheduled to kick off at 11am. Per Glastonbury’s official Twitter, The Joy are being replaced by Mother Sky.

A replacement act for Japanese Breakfast has yet to be announced.

In other Glastonbury news, yesterday (June 24) saw Lana Del Rey returning to the festival for the first time in a decade, with her set getting cut short after starting late and breaking curfew, with her fans singing an acapella rendition of her track ‘Video Games’. The performance earned Lana Del Rey a three-star review from NME.

Lewis Capaldi put up a fight during his set at the Pyramid Stage, noticeably experiencing  issues with his voice several times. “My voice is going big time,” he said mid-set. “It’s really fucking packing in.” He then told fans that he would be taking time off after the set to focus on his mental health: “I feel like I’ll be taking another wee break for the next few weeks, you might not see me for the rest of the year. But when I do come back and I do see you I hope you’re up for watching.”


Headliners Guns N’ Roses delivered one of the strongest sets that the rock veterans have given in recent years, though it was unfortunately performed in front of the wrong crowd, garnering lacklustre responses – resulting in another three-star review. However, their set did end on a high, with none other than Dave Grohl joining them to close out the set with ‘Paradise City’.

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