The late-night guide to Glastonbury 2019

Here's where to head after it's all finished on the Pyramid Stage

Picture the scene: the final fist-pumping notes of ‘Mr Brightside’ have just crashed away in a cacophonous burst of fireworks, you’ve consumed approximately nine pints of cider in the last ten minutes, somebody’s just hoiked a hipflask out of their bum-bag, and the festival’s numerous late-night antics begin to peal like an enticing trumpet of debauchery. Turning to your mates with a gleam in your eye, you pose the most pivotal make-or-break question of the night: where next?

And with so many all-hours haunts to pick from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you fancy a brisk walk down the old railway line to the notoriously outlandish NYC Downlow, some beat-fuelled Lageritas at the Beat Hotel, a boogie underneath an actual bloody waterfall down at The Common, or an unbeatable conveyor belt of back-to-back DJs at Stonebridge, allow us to shepherd you into the good night with the stand-out late-night sets from across the whole site.




Where? The Beat Hotel

What time? 01:30 – 03:00

Why? Hopping between Balearic, house, techno, and disco, Kiwi’s biggest fans include DJ Harvey, Daniel Avery, Erol Alkan and Skream. He also heads up Dalston venue The Nest, so he’s a man who knows how to throw a party.

Victor Rodriguez

Where? NYC Downlow

What time? 01:00 – 03:00

Why? Beloved by the stars, this disc-spinner has shared the decks with Prince, hosted a private after-hours set for Grace Jones, and DJ’d at Madonna’s party over the years. And on the LA queer party scene, he’s been involved in dozens of influential club nights over the last three decades.

Ibiza Silent Disco with Fatboy Slim


Where? Cineramageddon

What time? 23:15 – 00:00

Why? Shortly after a screening of Ibiza – The Silent Movie – a cinematic history of the dance-minded island by Norman Cook and director Julien Temple – Glastonbury’s very own drive-in cinema will transform into a silent disco, helmed by Fatboy Slim. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.


Mall Grab

Where? Gully Blues

What time? 01:00 – 03:00

Why? This Australian producer is on a mission to take house music back to its fun-filled roots. Leave your debates about different strains of techno back at the tent: you can always pick them up again once you’re still wide awake and chatting complete shite at 8am.

Guilty Pleasures

Where? William’s Green

What time? 23:30 – 02:00

Why? Don’t let the name sway you – there’s nothing shameful about this feast of wall-to-wall pop bangers, ranging from The Backstreet Boys and S Club 7 to ‘Shake It Off’ era Taylor Swift and Rihanna

Avalon Emerson

Where? Beat Hotel

What time? 00:00 – 01:30

Why? Hailing from San Francisco and now based in Berlin, Emerson is a master of meandering and melodic techno and house. She’s a regular at Berghain’s Panorama Bar – but never fear, you won’t have to bet on the approval of the door staff to get into Beat Hotel.

My Nu Leng & M8s ft. Clipz, Randall (Acid House Set), Alexis + Dread MC

Where? Stonebridge

What time? 22:00-03:00

Why? Bass-loving Bristol duo My Nu Leng have a reputation that proceeds them. Their warehouse parties are unmissable blends of garage, grime, house, dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass, and they often invite along a bunch of their mates. Glastonbury is no different – they’ll be joined by Clipz, Randall and, Alexis + Dread MC.


Charlotte De Witte

Where? Arcadia’s Pangea

What time? 02:00 – 03:00

Why? This Belgian DJ’s shadowy and pummelling techno is the perfect match for the brand new Pangea, featuring a decommissioned dock crane and an evolving sky show.

Bicep (DJ Set)

Where? Arcadia’s Pangea

What time? 23:00 – 00:00

Why? Hailing from Belfast, Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar have a talent for digging up hidden gems across disco, Italo-disco Chicago house, and Detroit techno.

Four Tet

Where? WOW

What time? 01:00-03:00

Why? Kieran Hebden needs little introduction, and his organic, shape-shifting productions will be the biggest Saturday night vibe going.

James Hillard (Horse Meat Disco)

Where? NYC Downlow

What time? 04:30-06:00

Why? One quarter of LGBT+ party-throwing extraordinaires Horse Meat Disco, expect some outrageously groovy disco to keep you stomping ‘til the sun comes up and you come down.


Daniel Avery

Where? Arcadia’s Pangea

What time?  23:00 – 00:00

Why? Techno-whizz Danny A’s takeover of Pangea looks set to take off like a roaring drone engine.

Anthony Parasole

Where? Genosys

What time? 00:00 – 02:00

Why? A figure-head of NYC’s club scene, Parasole blends deep house and techno into one big trancey blur – but while most hypnotists put people to sleep, his talent is for fuelling the party ‘til the early hours.

Peggy Gou

Where? Sonic

What time? 21:30 – 23:00

Why? One for the early-doors clubbers, Peggy Gou’s colourful, pick ‘n’ mix approach dance at Sonic is the perfect entry-way into Saturday night chaos.

Mark Ronson Presents Club Heartbreak

Where? Stonebridge

What time? 00:00 – 05:00

Why? Some of this bequiffed producer’s recent collaborators – *cough* Miley Cyrus *cough* Kevin Parker from Tame Impala *cough* King Princess – will be at Glastonbury too, and fellow festival act Miley has already gate-crashed one of his club nights to sing ‘Wrecking Ball’ before. Cross your fingers the same will happen here.

Hessle Audio

Where? Iicon

What time? 02:30 – 04:30

Why? The hugely influential dubstep label take over the brand new Iicon; a ridiculous new interactive venue in Block 9. Apparently it’s an “anonymised head” with a video screen for the face. Sounds a little bit Black Mirror.

Faithless DJ set (Sister Bliss)

Where? Glade

What time? 00:25 – 01:40

Why? Let’s face it, one third of Faithless plus the glimmering acid-trip wonderland that is The Glade is a bit of a winning combination.

Ezra Collective vs Sons of Kemet

Where? Wormhole

What time? 00:00 – 02:00

Why? These two groups are helping to bring a refreshed, energetic strain of new-wave jazz to the forefront straight from South London – seeing them pelt it out head-to-head in the wormhole will blow your mind. Jazz hands at the ready.

Deptford Northern Soul Club

Where? William’s Green

What time? 23:30 – 03:00

Why? Starting out as a club night at Deptford’s ridiculously fun The Bunker, there are no gimmicks here: just a love of all things Northern Soul.

The Glade, Glastonbury


Salsoul Records Ft Pbr Streetgang & Seamus Haji

Where? Heds Party

What time? 01:00 – 07:00

Why? Attention, early 80s NYC disco fans – one of the city’s best known labels is hosting a silent disco after-hours at Sonic. With Pbr Streetgang & Seamus Haji in charge of spinning the classics, expect to get down to Loleatta Holloway, Inner Life, and Double Exposure until it’s time to pack up the tent and go home.

Mr Fingers Live Feat. Fatima & Paul Cut

Where? NYC Downlow

What time? 02:00 – 03:30

Why? Don’t miss the chance to witness the pioneering influence of Larry Heard close and in action – he’s a proper titan in Chicago house.

The Black Madonna

Where? NYC Downlow

What time? 00:30 – 02:00

Why? Nothing is off-limits for Marea Stamper, who fuses warped Robyn re-imaginings with banging disco classics. And watching The Black Madonna command what’s bound to be the sweatiest Downlow of recent years – back to back with Garratt David, no less – could be one of the biggest treats of the whole festival.

Pearson Sound B2B Ondo Fudd

Where? Stonebridge

What time? 00:00-01:30

Why? One third of Hessle Audio battling it out with the techno DJ formerly known as Call Super? Say no more.

Josh Wink

Where? Genosys

What time? 23:00-01:00

Why? Reject that early night and let a master of ’90s dance take you to a ‘higher state of consciousness’.

… And if you don’t want to dance:

If you don’t fancy raving until the sun comes up, there are some wicked late night slots by excellent bands you can enjoy instead. Here are our picks of the pack.

Denzel Curry


Denzel Curry

Where? The Truth Stage

What time? 23:30 – 00:00

Why? This late-night outing from the prolific South Florida polymath, who has just released his fourth album ‘Zuu’, will be the main attraction of Shangri-La on Thursday.


Let’s Eat Grandma

Where? The Rabbit Hole

What time? 03:00 – 03:35

Why? The duo’s own brand of electronic odd-pop is just the shock to the system you need to keep yourself awake till the early hours of the morning.


Where? Truth Stage

What time? 23:40 – 00:40

Why? Missed their set on the Park Stage earlier in the day? Don’t sweat it. Instead make sure you head over to the Truth Stage just before midnight to see the brilliant Bristolian punks in their late-night show.


AJ Tracey

Where? WOW

What time? 02:00 – 03:00

Why? The lad from Ladbroke Grove takes Glasto, and we can’t wait to see his excellent debut album ‘AJ Tracey’ being brought to life in his early morning slot.


Fontaines D.C.

Where? The Rabbit Hole

What time? 03:00-04:00

Why? The Irish punks are playing several slots throughout the festival, but we reckon this one at The Rabbit Hole is going to be a bit special. Need something to power you through until the sun rises? Then make your way to this rabble’s raucous set.