Lewis Capaldi interview: fresh off the Other Stage and high on Glastonbury vibes

Fresh off the Other Stage and dressed in a body suit of Stella boxes, we had a little chat with the Lolocopter that is, Lewis Capaldi.

There’s nobody more confused about Lewis Capaldi‘s success than Lewis Capaldi. Walking on stage to a very, very large crowd at Glastonbury‘s Other Stage, the funny ballad man strutted on stage to a recording of Noel Gallagher slagging him off.

We caught up with him straight off stage, a little bit bemused at the thousands of people who just turned out to watch his set, still wearing his Noel-Gallagher-in-a-love-heart shirt and full of the joys of life.

Then we dressed him up in a suit of armour made of Stella boxes, because, why not.


Lewis Capaldi Glastonbury
Danny North/NME

Watch our interview above where Lewis talks about Stormzy’s blinding set, why being dissed by a Gallagher is a BIG milestone and how he enjoyed his time down on the farm.