Getting wild at Worthy Farm: The best late-night-rave pictures from Glastonbury 2019

From revelling in the one of the many areas of Glasto's "naughty corner" to gazing up in awe at the massive party crane in Arcadia

Glastonbury 2019 is over, and the post-festival comedown has now scissor-kicked its way in. Returning to normality is going to be a bit of a tough ask over the next few days, but that enduring Glasto glow and our sun-kissed memories from the best weekend of the year will ease the pain ever so slightly.

The festival’s late-night programme for 2019 was the best ever. From the giant and pyro-friendly crane in Arcadia’s Pangea all the way across to the all-night disco going on in the multi-floored NYC Downlow in Glastonbury’s legendary south-east party corner and the dance arenas of Silver Hayes, there was, as ever, an embarrassment of riches for festivalgoers to choose from when it came to late-night party options.

To help you remember the very good times, we’ve collected together a selection of the best late-night pictures from this year’s Glastonbury for you to relive those somewhat-hazy memories of that time you boogied all night long for four (or maybe five!) nights in succession.