INmusic Festival

St Vincent


When: 25-27 June

Where: Zagreb, Croatia

Who’s headlining: Queens Of The Stone Age, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Who else is playing: Interpol, David Byrne, St Vincent, Alice In Chains, The Kills, Superorganism

Tickets: €53, weekend ticket

How much!?! I know, right? That’s about £40 in pre-Brexit money.

What is it now? About fifty-odd quid.

Still! A quarter of UK festival prices and no scrimping on the bill. Plus, INMusic is set across three islands in the middle of Lake Jarun in Zagreb – one island for the festival, two for camping – so it’s like an island holiday, a city break and a mother-fluffing rock’n’roll monsterfest all in one.

This can’t be legal. Well stop it immediately then.

I mean the festival. Ah, such are the joys of Eurofests – it’s often cheaper to fly to some exotic locale and swan about a foreign capital for a week to catch the biggest names on the circuit rather than watching them while sinking into a sodden hillside in Staffordshire.

Looks a bit arthouse, this one. The lakeside site has the feel of a cosmopolitan Latitude or Secret Garden Party and yes, if you’re very lucky, David Byrne and St Vincent might end up making beautifully cranky music together.