Relive Latitude 2018 with these pictures of Wolf Alice, Alt-J and more

Latitude 2018 was one of the best yet - check out these incredible shots from the weekend.

Latitude: where the arty and urbane lit-rockers of the shires gather to picnic along to the most sophisticated modern sounds, dodge the GCSE-relieved teens rutting like chimps in the woods and chase around after young Matilda, who’s had her first ever sniff of a skim latte and gone feral. 2018 was a prime year for the most middle-class festival this side of Alex James’ annual Smell My Cheese Muthafestival (or whatever it’s called), with The Killers bringing the Vegas glam, Alt-J providing the metaphysical lullabies, Solange coming on like Diana Ross In The 25th Century and Liam Gallagher wonderfully lowering the tone with his secret Saturday set. Here are all the highlights, in pictures.