Danny Brown declares ‘trash’ Lovebox the ‘most unprofessional festival I’ve played in my life’

Rapper claims he witnessed a robbery at this year's event

Just a day after performing at London’s Lovebox Festival, Danny Brown has severely criticised organisers, calling the event “fucking trash” and “the worst most unprofessional festival I ever played in my life”.

Brown’s beef appears to centre around a robbery he allegedly witnessed at this year’s Lovebox, which took place on Friday and Saturday at East London’s Victoria Park. According to the rapper, a group of attendees stole one girl’s wristband with no security around to prevent the incident.

Responding to a tweet from the festival that thanked punters, Brown posted: “Fuck @LoveboxFestival … The worst most unprofessional festival I ever played in my life. I advise any artist if @LoveboxFestival try to book you say hell no!!!!!! Yall fucking trash … Niggas tryna rob niggas for wristbands.”


He then detailed the alleged incident: “I walked passed all these so called thugs all my jewelry on ain’t say shit to me. Then watch these niggas rob a girl for her wristband where the fuck was yall security at … Oh yea I’m they was pressing artist bout passes.”

See all of Brown’s tweets below. Lovebox have yet to respond to the criticism.


Brown is currently in the middle of recording a new album, though in April he revealed that he was holding back work on the project. When quizzed on Twitter about whether or not his new record is done, he tweeted: “Almost, I took a break from it cause I’m so ahead of schedule with it knowing it ain’t coming out no time soon.”

In addition to recording a new album, Brown is also writing a Dr Seuss-inspired childrens’ book.


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