Opener Festival

Glass Animals


When: 4-7 July

Where: Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport

Who’s headlining: Arctic Monkeys, Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, Bruno Mars

Who else is playing: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Migos, Glass Animals, La Femme, David Byrne, Massive Attack, Young Fathers, Mo, Fleet Foxes

Tickets: Around £120 for a four-day ticket

We’re going to a festival in an airport in Poland – why on earth are you packing shorts? Because Open’er happens to be close to Sopot, Poland’s most upmarket seaside resort. And the festival doesn’t really kick off until mid-afternoon and goes on ‘til three or four, so I’m planning on catching a few rays, maybe get my Boardmaster on…

But you’ll miss the awesome bands! The great thing about Open’er is that it’s pretty tough to miss the good stuff. Based on an airstrip with three stages along its length, sets are timed to avoid clashes, even though it’s a hefty trek from one end to the other.

And what’s that box-like building in the middle? Is that air traffic control? Nope, that’s the onsite museum.

You’re pulling my Picasso. Open’er prides itself on its arts schedule, with everything from catwalk shows to art exhibitions and performances of Polish theatre. They even had an epic grunge-themed Polish opera one year.

Right… um… Yes?

Just thinking… Shall I give you a second?

Come As You Aria? You should do this for a living.