We asked Marika Hackman and The Big Moon to interview one another at Reading & Leeds 2017

Band vs band – Marika Hackman vs The Big Moon

We asked indie's super-friends and collaborators grill one another with the important questions

Rock’s greatest collaborations are born of true friendship. For Marika Hackman and The Big Moon, that day came on November 19, 2015: ‘a super-special day’ on which a sweaty London gig saw the start of a beautiful journey – involving Aerosmith, nuts, beer and ‘soft t-shirts’.

We caught up with Hackman and The Big Moon backstage at Reading & Leeds 2017, where we asked them to interview one another about how they first met, and what happened next.

“I went to your show for The Dice Awards at The Moth Club. Me and my girlfriend both watched you and were like ‘they’re really cool and fun and we want to be friends with them’,” said Marika.

The Big Moon bassist Celia Archer continued: “We found out before from Jen. She was like ‘oh, Marika Hackman’s coming tonight’ and we were like ‘oh my God, that’s so cool – she’s so cool!’

“Then we went out dancing and realised that none of us are very cool, or we’re all super-cool. We just became firm friends. A few months later you were like, ‘oh I’ve got some songs, wanna shred on them?”

Speaking about how she bravely approached the band to play on her latest album ‘I’m Not Your Man’, Hackman admitted that she overcame her nerves but still suffered a ‘spectacular red-fest’.

“Yeah, it made sense,” she said. “I didn’t have a band at the time, and you guys are rad. You have a lot of great energy when you’re playing – not in real life – so I decided to ask you very scared-ly. I went really red.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Watch above as Marika Hackman and The Big Moon try to tell us about their ‘most ridiculous on the road story’, their mutual loves (and hates), their ultimate karaoke team track, who would play their dream festival and their favourite song by one another.