Mura Masa: “Album two is done, and I can confirm it’s banging”

The producer confirms his next album is on the way and is stuffed full of collaborations

We all have fond memories of Reading and Leeds festival, but for electronic producer Mura Masa it holds an extra special place in his heard: “The first live music I ever saw was Bombay Bicycle Club on the Radio 1 stage [at Reading festival] and I cried a little bit.”

We’re chatting to him backstage at Reading, hours before he closes the BBC Radio 1 Stage (the same place he’d seen Bombay Bicycle Club years before).

Watch our full video interview with Mura Masa at Reading 2019 above


He’s just released a song with Clairo, which he reveals is the first song off his second album. The two met when she was in Rostam’s studio recording her debut album ‘Immunity’, and discovered they were both big fans of each other’s music. This led to them teaming up for ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again’ a driving cut of the producer’s trademark electronic, only this time it’s amped up with roaring guitar riffs and overdriven synths.

His next album is going to reflect this new rock-influenced sound. “I’m sort of making a guitar album in a way,” Mura Masa tells us, “there’s a really interesting intersection where it used to be garage bands and now it’s internet bands, and that’s the new DIY. So yeah I’m kind of going down that way.”

The producer also revealed the next album is totally finished (and he can confirm “it’s banging”), and we can expect to hear it next year. In the past Mura Masa has collaborated with everyone from Damon Albarn and Charli XCX to A$AP Rocky and Slowthai. For album number two we can expect more team-ups, but the musician is keeping schtum on who they could be. “There’s some quite surprising ones…some amazing UK artists and some American artists, a lot of indie and rock people. I’m looking forward to surprising a bit!”

Watch our entire interview with Mura Masa above.