Tyla Yaweh: “I want to travel the world, and become a household name!”

Meet your new favourite rapper

Floridian sensation Tyla Yaweh creates his own brand of hip-hop, which mixes trappy beats with rock-flecked production and lingering half-rapped, half-sung vocals.

Watch our full video interview with Tyla Yaweh at Reading 2019 above

He’s also signed to Post Malone’s label, and is currently supporting the New York rapper on tour.


“It’s been blessings on blessings on blessings and craziness,” he tells NME after his set at Reading Festival. “I’ve been gaining so many more fans, and more ears who don’t know who you are, but they find out who you are, and they become fans right there!”

And he’s learned a lot from touring with Posty. “Just watching is enough from me,” he says. “I watch and I learn, he’s always there for me hands on with all of it.”

“I love watching him. I watch every show. Every time I watch it it’s different. There’s a new filler or you catch a new lyric or a new vibe that you never understood and you finally realise.”

Tyla Yaweh at Reading Festival

Next month he’s dropping the second part of his ‘Heart Full of Rage’ project (titled ‘Heart Full of Rage Part 2’). On part one he worked with French Montana and PnB Rock, but he remains tight lipped about future collaborators. He did, though, reveal that part two of the project will be the second instalment of many. “I just want to put the moments of my life in something. It’s like a diary, chapter one, chapter two, so ‘Heart Full of Rage’ is a book to me, about my life. And I’m giving people bits and pieces of it in different chapters and different series of the book.”

Looking to the future, Yaweh’s aims are simple: “I just want to travel the world and become a household name! Just keep making music, dropping videos and be the best fashion icon in the world. And just love the people!”


Good on him.

Watch our entire interview with Tyla Yaweh above.