North London residents want to ban Wireless Festival

A campaign to stop the festival has begun

North London residents have started a campaign to ban Wireless Festival due to safety fears.

From overcrowding, to noise and drug complaints, some North London residents would like to see Wireless Festival gone.

Writing on the Friends of Finsbury Park website, a letter has highlighted “major security failings at last year’s event with break-ins and attempted break-ins along the perimeter fencing which resulted in large and intimidating crowds of people disrupting public order in areas of the park outside the event itself, which Live Nation were unable to control.”


They also went on to discuss their concerns over drug dealing, stating, “from the numbers of reports we received, it is clear to us that open drug dealing was markedly increased at the 2015 Wireless Festival.”

Commenting on nitrous oxide (laughing gas) bottles, they continued, “whilst this may not yet be illegal, it is clear that, albeit briefly, these are ‘behaviour altering’ and can and do lead to very anti-social behaviour.”

The letter concluded, “Finsbury Park is not, and should never be promoted as a venue for this kind of event.”

Wireless Festival is set to take place at Finsbury Park from July 8.