Film Interviews

Film Interviews

Rapman on gritty crime drama ‘Blue Story’, and how to solve London’s gang violence problem and knife crime epidemic

'Blue Story', out this Friday, is the heartbreaking tale of two lifelong friends turned against each other by London’s brutal gang culture. Andrew Onwubolu...

Micheal Ward on gritty postcode war drama ‘Blue Story’: “We’re not glorifying anything – we’re just showing how it is”

Welcome to REEL TALK – NME's new weekly interview feature with the biggest names in film and TV. Thanks to star turns in London-based urban dramas like ‘Top Boy’ and new film 'Blue Story', Micheal Ward is making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. As he makes his debut on the big screen, we meet the rising star to talk celebrity superfans, meeting Busta Rhymes and making the jump to Hollywood.

Anton Corbijn on his new Depeche Mode film: “They’re the biggest cult band in the world”

As Depeche Mode's new film 'Spirits In The Forest' hits cinemas for one night only, director and iconic rock photographer Anton Corbijn talks to NME about the deep connection between the band and their fans – and a lifetime of visualising music

Veteran filmmaker Ken Loach: “Boris Johnson is a lout and a bully”

Loach's powerful new film Sorry We Missed You looks at the plight of the UK's low-paid workers and those on zero-hour contracts. We spoke to him about austerity measures, the General Election and more than five decades of fighting for social justice

Meet Daniel J. Jones, the man who exposed torture in the CIA and inspired ‘The Report’

Released in cinemas today (November 15) and with streaming on Amazon Prime to follow later in the month, stunning new film The Report tells the...

Cynthia Erivo: “Aretha Franklin is part of the tapestry of my voice”

Oprah Winfrey, Olivia Colman, Janelle Monae, Meryl Streep, Regina King, Viola Davis, Aretha Franklin. NME’s interview with Cynthia Erivo starts out as a simple...

‘Saw’ at 15 – Cary Elwes on the iconic horror that “every studio turned down”

From Psycho and The Shining through to A Nightmare on Elm Street, bathroom scenes have been a horror movie staple for as long as we...

Meet Jimmie Fails: the rising star of Danny Glover-backed indie ‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’

“People aren’t just one thing.” Perhaps the most concise quote from Jimmie Fails and Joe Talbot's The Last Black Man in San Francisco is also the...

Linda Hamilton on ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’: “I don’t know if my body is ever going to be the same”

Sarah Connor – mother of John Connor and leader of the Resistance in the Terminator franchise – is a role that has defined actress...