Back 4 Blood

‘Back 4 Blood’ can now be properly played as a single-player campaign

There was none of the progression system for solo players at launch

‘Back 4 Blood’ wasn’t supposed to spawn that many special enemies

A new update will reduce the number of specials

‘Back 4 Blood’ will get an offline single player mode in December

Although ‘Back 4 Blood’ launched to a good reception, it was soured somewhat when solo players discovered there was little reason for them to get in on the zombie slaying action. And we get it, it’s a multiplayer, co-op shooter that’s designed around teamwork, but there’s a solo campaign in the game that lets you play with AI bots, only there’s zero progression at all, but that’s about to change next month.

‘Back 4 Blood’ to get single-player offline mode next month

Turtle Rock Studios has revealed the content roadmap for its zombie shooter

‘Left 4 Dead 2’ beat ‘Back 4 Blood’ in player count over the weekend

The 12-year-old zombie shooter is still on top following the Halloween weekend

‘Back 4 Blood’ update makes the game easier

A new hotfix tweaks the single player campaign difficulty