Battlefield 2042

‘Battlefield 2042’ release date, trailers, gameplay and everything we know

Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Battlefield 2042’ and when you can play it

‘Battlefield 2042’ announced, features 128 player combat but no single player mode

It’s been the worst kept secret in the industry for quite some time, but the latest game in the long running ‘Battlefield’ won’t be called ‘Battlefield 6’, instead it’s ‘Battlefield 2042’, it’s future combat, and it’s coming this year. EA and Dice are referring to Battlefield 2042 as the next-generation of Battlefield, and with that, it will have 128 players on the biggest maps the company has ever made. Levolution will return, meaning you can still break buildings and break through things in your conquest to come out on top.

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‘Battlefield 2042’ will only have 64 players on last-gen consoles

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