Battlefield 2042

EA told own studios to make fun of viral single-player Tweet

Social managers were asked to "workshop replies where EA studios would publicly ridicule their publisher online"

EA Dice has “no time” for other projects as it commits all staff to ‘Battlefield’

"It's important for us to improve 'Battlefield 2042' and the experience that we can provide to our players. We owe them that"

EA’s boss has received a £16million pay cut

Andrew Wilson has received a large pay cut following negative feedback from shareholders

EA claims reports of ‘Battlefield 2042’ being abandoned are “untrue”

"There is a significant team at DICE, alongside our other studios, focused on evolving and improving the 'Battlefield 2042' experience for all players"

‘Battlefield 2042’ to stop work on Hazard Zone

"We’re the first to hold our hands up and acknowledge that [Hazard Zone] hasn’t found the right home in 'Battlefield 2042'"

EA expects ‘Battlefield 2042’ to “continue to grow” for years to come

According to EA'S CEO, Andrew Wilson, in a recent earnings call

‘Battlefield 2042’ and ‘FIFA 22’ look set to arrive on Xbox Game Pass

Both games have been updated with a Game Pass logo by Microsoft

‘Battlefield 2042’ update will bring “over 400” improvements next week

Update 4.0 for 'Battlefield 2042' will include an overhaul to attachments, rebalancing for vehicles, and more