Bayonetta 3

‘Bayonetta’ creator says Nintendo never asked to censor the franchise

"Nintendo isn’t just a giant company with red tape around every corner"

‘Bayonetta 3’ release date, platforms and everything we know

Bayonetta 3 was announced way back in 2017, and since then info on the highly-anticipated sequel has been scarce. Luckily, Nintendo and PlatinumGames finally...

‘Bayonetta 3’ adds “Naive Angel Mode” to cut out nudity

Naive Angel Mode should stop players "having to worry about what's on screen"

‘Bayonetta 3’ finally has a release date

It releases on Nintendo Switch this October

‘Bayonetta 3’ will be “100 times” better for those that played the previous games

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A potential hint at Tango Gamework's next project

‘Bayonetta 3’ developer has appointed a new CEO of the company

Fans of the beloved ‘Bayonetta’ series might be starting to worry about the third game in the series. After Nintendo essentially saved the series by bankrolling the second game, the same happened with the third, and there have been rumours about what’s going on with the title for a while now. Rumours which are unlikely to stop given that the developer has just appointed a new CEO.