Bayonetta 3

‘Bayonetta 3’ is being directed by ‘Scalebound”s lead designer

And may use a similar mechanic to Scalebound too

Nintendo reminds everyone that ‘Bayonetta 3’ “still exists”

Development on the game is apparently “progressing well”

‘Splatoon 3’ announced for 2022, but ‘Bayonetta 3’ is still missing in action

As a recent Nintendo Direct, the company announced plans for 2022 with ‘Splatoon 2’ and ‘Project Triangle Strategy’, but two games were very much missing from the plans...

‘Bayonetta 3’ updates will be coming later in the year director promises

"We’ve got to have something come out, right?"

‘Bayonetta 3’ developer gives small clue as to when can see more of the game

Legendary developer Hideki Kamiya has answered a question on ‘Bayonetta 3’ and how the development is going, and if you know Kamiya, you’ll know that’s maybe the first miracle of 2021