‘Biomutant’ joins PlayStation game trials line-up

The race against time trial is now available

THQ Nordic will be holding a 10th anniversary showcase later this month

The showcase will feature six new game announcements

Major ‘Biomutant’ updates coming soon according to the developers

As a brand new developer making a new game, Experiment 101 has a lot of eyes on them, and ‘Biomutant’ has become one of the most talked about games for a lot of reasons: some good, and some bad. Now, though, Experiment 101 are promising updates, and they sound pretty significant.

‘Biomutant’ review: a hodgepodge of ideas that alternates between drudgery and wonder

Biomutant aims big, but doesn't quite achieve its lofty ambitions

‘BioMutant’ developer says lack of updates were to avoid crunch

"it's a big game, a big bite for 20 people to chew off"

‘Biomutant’ finally has a release date and it’s sooner than you think

From some of the brains behind the ‘Just Cause’ series comes a new game called ‘Biomutant’ and a new studio that is making it. This game was announced in 2017 and we finally have a release date for it