Call Of Duty: Warzone

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‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ studio wins bid to unionise

For the best part of a year now, Activision Blizzard has been involved in multiple lawsuits involving sexual harassment, discrimination, and workplace misconduct, as well as staff filing complaints about initimidation and coercive tactics to stifle staff trying to improve working conditions, but as of May 23rd, the developer Raven Software’s quality assurance workers for the studio behind ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ have successfully voted to unionise as the Game Workers Alliance.

‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ studio wins bid to unionise

"We’ll fight for respect, fight for better wages, better benefits, better work-life balance, fight for sustainability and job security, and continue to fight for our fellow workers in solidarity," shared one Raven Software employee

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