Company of Heroes 3

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ release date announced with free demo

An early level from the North African 'Company Of Heroes 3' is available to play now

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ tanks will show accurate dirt and damage

Soldiers will get division-accurate emblems and markings

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ destruction overview details collapsing buildings

Shell that building right now! It will look so pretty

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ changes how detachments will work after feedback

Detachments will be a bit simpler for players to use

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ developers share deep dive campaign video

The campaign expands upon ideas from 'Company of Heroes 2'

You can play ‘Company of Heroes 3’ for free, right now

Although it isn’t due to be released until next year, it seems the developer of the game is keen to get some early impressions from everyone, because you can play the multiplayer pre-alpha of the game for a full seven days, right now.

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ multiplayer pre-alpha launches tomorrow

The pre-alpha will start November 30 and run until December 7

‘Company Of Heroes 3’ dev diary dives into the Mediterranean theatre

Why 'Company Of Heroes 3' chose to explore the war-torn Mediterranean