Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ update has nerfed the AWP

“The AWP has had its magazine size reduced to five bullets (so make them count!)"

Esports host fired from ‘CS:GO’ tournament for allegedly smashing a TV

Matthew ‘Sadokist’ Trivett was removed from the game's Rio Major

Steam users are being targeted with a sophisticated hacking scam

The "browser-in-the-browser" hack disguises a phishing site as a login authenticator for Steam

‘CS:GO’ modding duo create a flag-based kart game mode

It’s like ‘Rocket League’ with actual rockets

Indonesian government says Steam may “reopen soon” after country-wide block

The Indonesian government blocked several major sites for not agreeing to new regulations - including PayPal, the Epic Games Store and

Shroud says ‘Counter-Strike’ difficulty is “a joke” compared to ‘Valorant’

"There's no sugar-coating it or anything, it's just hard"

£1.6 million worth of ‘CS:GO’ skins stolen by hacker

An estimated £1.6 million worth of ‘CS:GO’ skins has been stolen from a single Steam inventory, with some items already resold

New Gucci Gaming Academy to support next generation of ‘CS:GO’ pros

Faceit has teamed up with Gucci to help FPL players get signed to top esports teams

‘Splitgate’ player creates own ‘CS:GO’ surf mode map

'CS:GO''s surf mode has made its way to 'Splitgate'... sort of.

‘CS:GO’ gambling lawsuit dismissed because plaintiff never opened game

Valve was accused of facilitating illegal gambling