Crysis Remasterd Trilogy

‘Crysis 4’ has been announced

When it will release remains to be seen

Crytek apologises for shutting down ‘Crysis’ photo mod, shuts it down anyway

The creator says he will "never create a custom photomode for any Crytek game ever again"

‘Crysis Remastered Trilogy’ gets a new Switch trailer

A quick look at the upcoming Switch versions

‘Hunt: Showdown’ gets first new map in three years

"DeSalle is designed to bring you a wide range of new gameplay possibilities and experiences"

‘Crysis Remastered Trilogy’ is coming later this year

In years gone by, the games series ‘Crysis’ has been referred to as one of the best looking games available anywhere to actually becoming a meme, and often both of these things at the same time. A series that has always pushed hardware to the limits, the entire trilogy is now coming back in a remastered form at some point later this year.