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When the name ‘Dead Space’ is uttered out loud, there’s a large contingent of fans who will sigh, and wistfully gaze into the distance. It burned bright, but it burned short, and lots of people truly felt the series had something special, offering genuine space-based horror, but having great gameplay to back it up. The series eventually went from pure horror to co-op action with the third game, and there was even a spin-off light-gun game for Wii, which itself got ported to PlayStation consoles as well. But that was it. There was a small puzzle-based Xbox Live Arcade title as well as a few animated direct-to-video movies, too, but the series was done. Poor sales meant that EA shelved the series, and shortly after working on games such as ‘Army of Two’ and ‘Battlefield Hardline’, the developer was closed in 2017.

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