Dead Space

‘The Callisto Protocol’ is set to be even gorier than ‘Dead Space’

Glen Schofield has said the game has "some pretty horrific moments"

‘The Callisto Protocol’ director says to “look for some news next week”

Many 'Dead Space' developers are involved with the project

The ‘Dead Space’ remake has a January 2023 release date

This follows a slight delay to the game's release

‘Dead Space’ developer livestream to premiere this week

‘Crafting The Tension’ will offer a deep dive into various aspects of the upcoming game’s art design

‘Dead Space’ remake developers change weapon sounds after feedback

EA Motive has been requesting fan feedback since the remake was announced

New ‘Dead Space’ remake livestream reveals release window

The livestream provided plenty of details about sound design

‘Dead Space’ audio development stream taking place this week

This is the second developer stream for the remake

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