‘Deathloop’ update fixes stuttering issues, adds Nvidia DLSS support

Deathloop's notorious stuttering issue has been fixed

‘Deathloop’ still has one more secret left to uncover

These days it doesn’t take long for the internet sleuths to pick apart a game for all its hidden secrets, and ‘Deathloop’ the latest (and arguably greatest) game from Arkane Studios and Bethesda has been received incredibly well, with people digging into everything it has to offer. But apparently, there’s one major secret left to uncover, and that’s coming from someone who worked on the level designs.

Microsoft is sending the star of ‘Deathloop’ a PS5 so he can play the game

The voice of Colt Vahn will get to play Deathloop soon

‘Deathloop’ on PC has been updated to address stuttering issues

Released to critical acclaim, the only major bone of contention for fans of ‘Deathloop’ has been that on PC it has a few issues. The developer, Arkane, did confirm it was looking into the reports of a stuttering frame-rate as a priority, and it seems an update has already been deployed to try and address the problem.

‘Deathloop’ update on PC addresses frame stuttering issues

The developer is also looking into "a separate, but related issue" that could be a cause of frame stutter

‘Deathloop’ PC performance issues are being investigated

Arkane Studios’ ‘Deathloop’ has been one of the most hyped games in a long time. Despite the developer being part of Bethesda, and thus now owned by Xbox, the game remains a PlayStation 5 console exclusive and has just been released there, and on PC, to rave reviews. That said, the PC version especially, hasn’t been without issues.