‘Destiny 2’ developer Bungie wins $4.3million in cheating trial and immediately sues another cheater

Bungie's case was initially thrown out last year due to a lack of evidence

Court rejects ‘Destiny’ cheat creator’s claim that Bungie hacked their PC

AimJunkies will have until later this month to argue the claim again

T-Pain wants you to leave ‘Apex Legends’ developers alone

"It’s a fucking game my dude. Play something else if you hate it so much"

‘Destiny 2’ King’s Fall World First raid race won by Clan Elysium

Fans online have dubbed the clan "Threesium" after their three in a row World First race victories

‘Destiny’ comes to ‘Fortnite’ with skins and a new game mode

Three Guardians have dropped into the battle royale game

‘Destiny 2’ developer Bungie officially acquired by PlayStation

The studio reassures fans it will remain multi-platform

Bungie is reportedly developing a ‘Destiny’ mobile game

The game is being made in partnership with NetEase

Bungie hits alleged ‘Destiny 2’ copyright fraudster with £6.2million lawsuit

Bungie also wants to "demonstrate that serious consequences await anyone else foolish enough to volunteer as a defendant by targeting Bungie's community for attack"