Destiny 2

Court rejects ‘Destiny’ cheat creator’s claim that Bungie hacked their PC

AimJunkies will have until later this month to argue the claim again

A “notable” number of ‘Destiny 2’ fans are playing the wrong version on PlayStation, says Bungie

Bungie has noticed that many PS5 players are still playing the PS4 version of the game

‘Destiny 2’ players are turning gold for childhood cancer awareness month

"It would be awesome to see a tower of gold titans, hunters and warlocks"

‘Destiny 2’ King’s Fall World First raid race won by Clan Elysium

Fans online have dubbed the clan "Threesium" after their three in a row World First race victories

‘Destiny 2’ just disabled all heavy grenade launchers due to a bug

The weapon archetype was doing increased damage of up to 150 per cent

‘Destiny 2’ won’t lock away expansions from players going forward

The news was revealed during the recent 'Destiny 2' showcase

‘Destiny’ comes to ‘Fortnite’ with skins and a new game mode

Three Guardians have dropped into the battle royale game

How to watch Bungie’s ‘Destiny 2’ 2022 showcase

Expect updates on Season 18 and the 'Nightfall' expansion

‘Destiny 2’ buffs several “under-utilised” weapons in latest update

High-impact auto rifles, lightweight bows and multiple exotic weapons have all been improved

‘Destiny 2’ cheat site claims it made the game more popular

Following a lawsuit against them, Aimjunkies has said Bungie believes “the more shit you throw at a wall, the greater the possibility of something sticking with the court”