Destiny 2

‘Destiny 2’ text chat disabled due to game-crashing PvP exploit

Some players used the exploit to crash their opponents in PvP matches for a free win

‘Destiny 2’ August showcase could reveal ‘Lightfall’ expansion

'Lightfall' was announced back in 2020 and will follow up from last year's 'The Witch Queen' expansion

‘Destiny 2’ streamer sued by Bungie for cheating and harassment

The player had created 13 accounts to bypass previous bans

‘Destiny 2’ developer Bungie officially acquired by PlayStation

The studio reassures fans it will remain multi-platform

Bungie hits alleged ‘Destiny 2’ copyright fraudster with £6.2million lawsuit

Bungie also wants to "demonstrate that serious consequences await anyone else foolish enough to volunteer as a defendant by targeting Bungie's community for attack"

‘Destiny 2’ cheat makers agree to pay Bungie £10.7million to end lawsuit

They also have to promise to never, ever do it again

“Hypeman Of ‘Destiny 2’” joins Bungie’s Heroes Welcome campaign

The campaign "highlights 'Destiny 2' player stories and celebrates the varied ‘heroism’ that uplifts gaming communities"

Prime Gaming for June offering six free games including ‘Far Cry 4’

Free content drops for ‘Vanguard’, ‘Warzone’, ‘Destiny 2’ and more will also be taking place