Destiny 2

Sony says Bungie acquisition is a “major step” in its multiplatform work

The company's CEO made the comments in a corporate strategy meeting

Bungie’s political opinions won’t be “muzzled” following Sony acquisition

Bungie has recently been outspoken about the ongoing abortion rights issue in the US

Sony’s acquisition of Bungie reportedly being investigated by the FTC

It could push the deal's closure back to 2023

Bungie has copyright claims against cheat site dismissed by court

Bungie will need to address certain issues raised by a judge if it wants to continue the lawsuit

‘Destiny 2’ to get old raids and dungeons through new weekly rotator

The new weekly rotations should drop with Season 17 this May

Bungie announces fully remote positions as it goes “digital first”

"The transition to work-from-home wasn't easy, but the results speak for themselves"

What does it mean when your live game dies?

Who knows how long your favourite live service game has left to live

Bungie criticises YouTube’s “gaping security loophole” in takedown lawsuit

Beyond seeking damages, Bungie's lawsuit also wants "to demonstrate to anyone else stupid enough to volunteer as a defendant [...] that they will be met by legal process"

Bungie confirms ‘Destiny 2’ video takedowns were ‘fraudulent’

The studio is also working on making some original soundtrack material free to use for content creators

Why do some of us want easy games?

And don't you dare let anyone make you feel guilty about it