Destruction AllStars

‘Destruction AllStars’ will add bots online to keep numbers steady

The game launched exclusively on PS5 earlier this year

‘Destruction AllStars’ on PS5 has at least a year of support planned

Originally intended as a full-priced launch title for the PlayStation 5 back in November 2020, Lucid Games and Sony delayed ‘Destruction AllStars’ to give it more polish, and have just released it instead as a PlayStation Plus free game. Thankfully, it’s been confirmed in an interview that a year

The next PS5 exclusive is free in February via PlayStation Plus

‘Destruction All-Stars’ has finally been given a firm date, and it’s going to be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. But that’s not all, there’s two other major games coming, one of which is a surprise release date announcement, too!

February’s PS Plus games include ‘Control Ultimate Edition’

PS Plus members will also have access to ‘Concrete Genie’ and ‘Destruction AllStars’