Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

‘Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’ is being made for veterans and newcomers to the series

"...development for 'Dreadwolf' has included conversations about how the team can simultaneously reward our returning fans and welcome new ones"

Former ‘Dragon Age’ producer founds studio to work with ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ publisher

Job listings suggest the AAA studio is working on a horror game

‘Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy”s narrative designer joins Bioware

Mary DeMarle is now senior narrative designer at Bioware

‘Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’ Q&A studio votes to unionise

Shortly after the ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ studio, Raven Software voted to unionise its Q&A team, the Q&A department for the upcoming ‘Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’ title has followed suit, in a unanimous vote with a 16 to 0 vote spread.

‘Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’ studio’s QA team unanimously vote to unionise

Unionisers at Keywords Studios say workers at Raven Software advised them on spotting anti-union tactics during the process

‘Dragon Age 4’ reveals official title ‘Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’

BioWare has also confirmed that the game will not be released this year