Elden Ring

An ‘Elden Ring’ Game Boy demake is in the works

The game should run on the original hardware as well

‘Elden Ring’ legend Let Me Solo Her can now be summoned by a mod

Let Me Solo Her went viral after effortlessly defeating the boss Malenia

‘Elden Ring’ dataminer discovers cut quest and NPC involving dreams

Notable modder Lance McDonald discovered an NPC with a substantial quest

‘Elden Ring”s Erdtree is apparently taller than the Alps

The Erdtree is approximately 16,562 ft tall

‘Lego Star Wars’ digital sales were almost as big as ‘Elden Ring’

'Lego Star Wars' is the second-biggest game launch of the year in the UK so far

‘Elden Ring’s speedrun record is now 12 minutes 32 seconds

The speedrunner believes a faster completion is possible