Elden Ring

An ‘Elden Ring’ farming exploit is causing players to ask for a patch

The exploit doesn’t even require you to be holding a controller

‘Elden Ring’ players are invading and slapping people as Will Smith

The now-famous Oscars incident has now made its way to 'Elden Ring'

‘Elden Ring’ rebalances Starscourge Radahn in recent patch

Better rebalance those homing arrows too

‘Elden Ring’ streamer beats game without taking any damage

The no-damage run took less than three hours to complete

‘Elden Ring’ publisher “interested” to work with author Brandon Sanderson

"I actually have a pitch for [Bandai Namco] in the back of my head if I ever had a chance"

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‘Elden Ring’ causes Steam Deck’s battery to last 93 minutes

'God Of War' also depletes the Steam Deck battery life after only 89 minutes

‘Tekken’ modder transforms the game into an ‘Elden Ring’ brawler

'Tekken' creator Katsuhiro Harada called the 'Elden Ring' mod "ridiculously well made", but says there are "many people who think this is official"

‘Elden Ring’ PvP bug makes a certain Ash of War overpowered

Carian Retaliation is so overpowered it's making PvP unplayable

‘Elden Ring’ patch puts a stop to hackers breaking players’ save files

'Elden Ring' servers were briefly taken offline to implement the patch