Escape From Tarkov

‘Escape from Tarkov’ players need to raise 1.3trillion roubles to bring traders back

After all traders and the Flea Market were removed from ‘Escape from Tarkov’ on April 27th, things have taken a major turn, and it seems players are being extorted for massive amounts of currency in order to bring back the in-game traders.

‘Escape From Tarkov’ players are being extorted to bring in-game traders back

'Escape From Tarkov' players need to raise a staggering 1.3trillion roubles to bring traders back

‘Escape From Tarkov’ traders and Flea Market disappear as new merchant teased

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'Tarkov' fans think an expansion to Lighthouse could be coming later this month

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The update went live earlier today (April 13)

‘Escape From Tarkov’ DLSS coming as soon as next week

The Chiappa Rhino, flare gun, and new trader are on the way

‘Escape From Tarkov’ event sees Factory overrun with deadly Raiders

Raiders have taken over Factory, while the map's usual boss - Tagilla - has fled to Interchange

‘Escape From Tarkov’ economy crashes due to Russian sanctions

The game's primary currency is tied to the value of the Russian rouble

‘Escape From Tarkov’ streamer plays with a Nintendo 64 controller

Though the streamer struggles with basic tasks like opening doors, he does kill several players using the clunky controller