Fall Guys

‘Fall Guys Season 3.5’ update to include new levels and costumes

The mid-season winter update is looking cool

There’s some confusion over whether ‘Fall Guys’ is coming to Xbox Game Pass

As one of the biggest games of 2020, Devolver Digital and MediaTonic’s ‘Fall Guys’ took the world by storm, but there’s now a healthy dose of confusion over whether it’s coming to Xbox via Game Pass, or not

Devolver Digital denies claims of ‘Fall Guys’ coming to Xbox Game Pass

Despite Xbox Game Pass confirming its existence

‘Fall Guys’: take a look at the first of three ‘Doom Eternal’ skins

Tyrant, Doomguy and Cacodemon skins are on the way

Watch an adorable live-action ‘Fall Guys’ Christmas ad

A free time-limited Santa Claus-themed skin was announced

Ninja’s custom skin is now available in ‘Fall Guys’

The first of four custom skins from a September charity fundraiser

‘Fall Guys’ Season 3 will add seven new levels, over 30 different skins

With “many more festive surprises yet to be revealed”

Four new costumes revealed ahead of ‘Fall Guys’ Season 3

There's a red nosed reindeer, a Christmas candle, an icy Yeti, and what looks like a blue princess