Fallout 76

‘Fallout 76’ is going to get better, with more story content coming soon

Before ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ came along with one of the roughest launches in recent memory, ‘Fallout 76’ was possibly the king that didn’t want the crown, but Bethesda has laid out a 2021 roadmap that sounds pretty impressive, with loads of content on the way.

‘Fallout 4’ mod brings the Responders into the Commonwealth

"Together, you will rebuild the Responders from the ground up"

Bethesda release ‘Fallout 76’ update early after accidentally going live

Xbox owners found they were able to download the update early

Official mod support still coming to ‘Fallout 76’, confirms Bethesda

“We're working on it.. just stay tuned,” says project lead Jeff Gardiner 

‘Fallout 76’, ‘Soulcalibur VI’ join Xbox Game Pass in July

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