Fallout 76

Senior Bethesda developer and ‘Fallout 76’ lead designer Ferret Baudoin has died

The much-loved designer was working on 'Starfield' at the time of his death

‘Fallout’ celebrates 25th anniversary with freebies and in-game events

"We're not just celebrating 'Fallout''s birthday, we're celebrating 'Fallout''s birthmonth"

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With a big iron on its hip, 'Fallout: New Vegas' opened the door for 'Fallout' to thrive as a shooter - even if later entries took that too far

Xbox says Bethesda no longer has “crunch culture”

“The challenge with a lot of these articles is that they look backwards, sometimes pretty far back in time"

Everything announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase event

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Report alleges ‘Fallout 76’ suffered from a disastrous development cycle

An extensive report alleges that hours of mandatory crunch and poor management negatively affected developers

Bethesda is working on the next five years of ‘Fallout 76’ content

“We've got a lot of fun, cool stuff that I can't wait to tell people about”