Far Cry 4

Prime Gaming for June offering six free games including ‘Far Cry 4’

Free content drops for ‘Vanguard’, ‘Warzone’, ‘Destiny 2’ and more will also be taking place

Ubisoft Plus Classics to add 27 games to revamped PlayStation Plus service

The Ubisoft titles will be available when PlayStation Plus rebrands

Xbox Series X backwards compatibility just made 5 games even better

The first five games that will benefit from the new backward compatibility FPS boost are ‘Far Cry 4’, ‘New Super Lucky’s Tale’, ‘Sniper Elite 4’, ‘UFC 4’, and ‘Watch Dogs 2’

Legacy FPS Boost feature released for Xbox Series S and X

The feature doubles, triples, and in one case, quadruples FPS speeds in older games

Feeling down in lockdown? Let video games take you on a virtual holiday

We thought you looked a little miserable. Here’s the 10 best places to visit in our favourite games