Final Fantasy

‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ producer teases further changes in future instalments

“We are able to give fans the excitement of wondering which parts will be faithful to the original and where the new elements will be added”

Square Enix strips ‘Final Fantasy 14’ achievements from raid-beating team who used cheats

The team was the first in the world to defeat The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)

‘Final Fantasy 16’ is 95 per cent done, release date will be announced this year

"We've forbidden anyone to add new code in case new bugs appear"

Naoki Yoshida defends lack of diversity in ‘Final Fantasy 16’

“The story we are telling is fantasy, yes, but it is also rooted in reality”

‘Final Fantasy 14’ rewarding players who voluntarily return glitched currency

Square Enix will give you a poster for returning any housing deposits it accidentally gave out

Not all games have to chase trends and satisfy everyone to be successful

Someone give Yoshida a cuddle from me and tell him it'll be okay, yeah?

‘Final Fantasy 16’ director says the series is “struggling” to adapt to industry trends

“All we can really do is create multiple games, and continue creating the best that we can at any given time”

‘Final Fantasy 14”s Naoki Yoshida wants to make another MMO from scratch

"I occasionally think that I would like to make one more MMORPG title, from scratch, before I die"

The BBC’s first Gaming Prom is now available on iPlayer

The Gaming Prom guarantees "nostalgia for millennials." with a programme featuring everything from 'Zelda' to 'Pokémon' and 'Final Fantasy'