Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

‘Final Fantasy 14’ reveals new quests and raids coming with patch 6.3

New quests, trials, raids and dungeons are set to be introduced early 2023

‘Final Fantasy 14’ will get more Deep Dungeons

The rogue-like areas will return

‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.05 adds a treasure hunt, nerfs Reaper, and more

Patch 6.05 also adds a Savage difficulty to the Pandaemonium raid

‘Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’ review: a fantastic conclusion to an unforgettable story

Once you're through the queues, 'Endwalker' offers an unparalleled adventure

‘Final Fantasy 14’ will be getting maintenance to address server issues

The development team will increase the size of queue lobbies

‘Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker” will reset your mid-level progress

According to a live stream from the production team, it seems that the highly anticipated ‘Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’ expansion is going to reset mid-level progress for players, and we don’t mean that in terms of a checkpoint: no, your character level.

‘Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’ post-launch details have been revealed

New details for the 'Endwalker' raid content has been revealed

‘Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’ has been delayed until December

The upcoming expansion will now release two weeks after the scheduled launch date

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ director details housing lottery

Win your way onto the property ladder