Amazon’s Christoph Hartman admits company did “exactly the wrong thing” with ‘Crucible’

"Don’t go and do what everyone else does because everyone else went for battle royale shooters"

Xbox not interested in VR despite Sony’s success says Phil Spencer

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‘Fortnite’ should be gaining ‘Dune’ skins and cosmetics soon

The skins look a lot like the characters too

‘Fortnite’ and ‘Batman’ crossover event will add iconic comic book skin

The Fortnite and Batman crossover event begins on October 26

Epic is “open” to games featuring NFTs following Steam ban

Tim Sweeney tweeted in September claimed Epic wasn't interested in working with NFTs

‘Fortnite’ acknowledges ‘Among Us’ in the latest update

‘Fortnite’ from Epic Games continues to be one of the biggest titles the industry has ever seen. Just when you think you’ve played enough, something will change and drag you back in, and one such addition to ‘Fortnite’ was called Imposters, and let’s be polite and say that it drew some… comparisons to another very popular game out there.

‘Fortnite’ update seems to address controversy surrounding its Imposter map

The update now references InnerSloth's Among Us as inspiration

Apple is also appealing the Epic v. Apple verdict

Apple appeals an order to allow alternative in-app purchase options