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‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ has been delayed into early 2022

It may come as no surprise given the amount of game delays that have been forced by the current state of the world, but we haven’t had any major ones for a while. Sadly, ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ is the latest blockbuster to slip, and developer Tango Gameworks is now aiming for an early 2022 street date.

‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ delayed into early 2022

Tango Gameworks has announced a delay for horror title 'Ghostwire: Tokyo', pushing it back from October 2021.

The creative director of ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ has opened her own new studio

Back in June 2019 when ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ was announced at Bethesda’s E3 conference, hopes were high for the game. Being developed by Tango Gameworks will always be an eyebrow raiser, because that’s the studio that made ‘The Evil Within’, and is founded by legendary survival horror game maker, Shinji Mikami. But the creative director suddenly resigned, and now we know why, and what she’s up to next.

‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ developer Ikumi Nakamura is starting a new indie studio

The announcement came in a new mini-documentary profiling her career

‘GhostWire: Tokyo’ will reportedly launch in October

‘Project Athia’ is also scheduled for a January 2022 release, while ‘Pragmata’ has been delayed to 2023

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