God Of War

‘God Of War’ level designer joins “independent AAA” studio That’s No Moon

The new studio already boasts AAA developers from Infinity Ward, Sony Santa Monica, and EA

‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ celebrates first birthday with Sony-themed outfits

Players can unlock outfits inspired by God of War and Bloodborne

‘God Of War’ is now available to play on PC, though it may have issues

It's available to play legally, but there could be performance issues

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ and ‘God of War’ join PlayStation Plus free game list

PlayStation’s answer to Game Pass has been slowly improving over the years. Starting out as a cloud-only service that allowed you to stream games to your console, you can now download games directly to your PlayStation 4 or 5 in the same way you can with an Xbox via Game Pass, and this month a raft of games are joining that may cause you to at least check out the trial of the service.

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, ‘Nioh 2’, and more are coming to PS Now in July

Here are all the games arriving on PS Now this month

‘God Of War: Ragnarok’ staff harassed after delay announcement

Sony developer Alanah Pearce has been subjected to online abuse following the delay

Hermen Hulst confirms more PlayStation ports to PC, but not at launch

Releases will come to PC sometime after they launch on PlayStation

‘God Of War’ sequel delayed to 2022 confirms SIE head Herman Hulst

'Horizon Forbidden West' is "on track" for holiday season, but could also see delay as quality cannot be impacted by remote development