10 Chambers wants players to “fuck up” in next ‘Black Mirror’-influenced heist game

The developers behind 'Payday' previously told NME they were "back on the heist shit"

‘GTFO’ permanently brings back “cult classic” Rundown 2

The returning Rundown will offer players a chance to learn more about the world beyond the game's underground prison

‘GTFO’ permanently brings back Rundown 1.0 – with the rest to follow

10 Chambers won't be removing any more content going forward

Ulf Andersson: the ‘GTFO’ story is “coming to an end”

"We'd rather end on a high, you know?"

Exclusive: 10 Chambers’ next game will be co-op heist FPS game

“It feels like it's an unclosed chapter, right? I gotta, I gotta do that properly"

Major ‘GTFO’ update adds Gardens environment and two new enemies

The first of Gardens' new enemies will be "particularly...clingy", while the other might just be immortal

‘GTFO’ adds three new expeditions and a flying “giant meatball” enemy

The latest 'GTFO' update also brings "partial Steam Deck support"

How ‘GTFO’ crossed the finish line without compromising on crunch

How 'GTFO' crossed the finish line - and what's next for 10 Chambers

‘GTFO’ review: a miasma of darkness, difficulty and death

Sometimes the best option is to GTFO

‘GTFO’ leaves early access in surprise 1.0 launch

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