Hogwarts Legacy

ROG Ally specifications confirmed ahead of handheld PC’s May launch event

The handheld will support storefronts from Xbox, Epic Games, Valve, and more

“No plans” for future ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ expansions

“There are no current plans for DLC”

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ multiplayer mod in development from ‘Skyrim Together Reborn’ team

You can watch a clip of the prototype here

‘Trans Witches Are Witches’ game bundles raise £65K to protest ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

The new Harry Potter-based open-world role-playing game was released last Friday

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ introduces first transgender character in ‘Harry Potter’ franchise

Many have chosen to boycott the game due to its association with J.K. Rowling

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ review: graduation

Hogwarts is a beautiful place to visit, but needs more

‘Redfall’ co-developer Studio Gobo now working on Sony’s ‘Horizon’ franchise

The 'Horizon' universe began in 2017 with 'Horizon Zero Dawn', with 'Horizon Forbidden West' following last year

Major gaming forum bans all mention of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ due to J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans views

"We kept coming back to the simple fact that Rowling is not only a bigot but is actively pushing for legislation that will hurt trans people"

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ will be Steam Deck Verified at launch

The game, based on the works of contentious author J.K. Rowling, releases next month

‘Heartstopper’ star Sebastian Croft responds to backlash over involvement with ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

Croft provided the voice for one of the two playable characters in the controversial 'Harry Potter' game